Care and Repair


All ROXoxox jewelry is carefully crafted by hand.  We use only fine materials including Sterling Silver, 14K GF, precious and semiprecious gemstones, fine Leathers, Suedes, Velvets, and other trim and natural elements.  Natural variations will occur, including variations in cut, color and inclusions in gemstones.  Many of our gems are hand-cut and, therefore, imprecise.  This is deliberate and intended.  ROXoxox jewelry is meant to last.  For best keeping - we suggest hanging your ROXoxox jewelry - always keep leather or suede ribbons flat.  The leathers are intended to get better with wear, and show the patina, reflecting the individual wearer.    However, if you like, you may clean your leather gently with a soft, lightly damp cloth, with a bit of mild soap.


Please accept our sincere apologies if any of our products need repair.  Please email an indicate the nature of the item (the style), and the necessary repair.  We will email you back with instructions, a cost estimate, and a timeframe for repair.  In the unlikely event of your oder arriving damaged, please inform us immediately by email at  We will offer a replacement, at no charge, immediately.  Or, you may send that item back for repair.