ROXoxox stands for Rox Hugs and Kisses.  We love, love, love gemstones (rocks); raw, polished, hand cut, faceted, found, heirloom, treasured.   We believe in divulging beauty by promoting uniqueness.    Many of our luxe designs are One of a Kind.  Some are More than One.  All, we've devised with elements to make them unique:   a singular fabulous gem,  limited edition leathers, or unexpected closures. We think everyone should ROXoxox

ROXoxox is:  Lise and Lisa.  Friends with diverse backgrounds and life experiences, we found we shared ideals of beauty, sense, and function.   Taking cues from color schemes perfected by Mother Nature the World over, we conjured fledgling designs for ourselves. Subtle variations in sand-meeting-ocean-meeting-sky we interpreted as luxe suede, deep blue kyanite, an ocean jasper.  Purchased off of us, and requests for more, ROXoxox was founded.